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Recreational Kayaks

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Recreational Kayaks, designed for casual paddling in flat water or streams.

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Kayaking is one of the easiest outdoor activities to get into. The cost of a Kayak is low compared to other boats. You really can get started for as little as 300 dollars. The freedom and maneuverability on the water is incredible. Kayaks sit so low in the water, you feel like you are right there in nature. Weeds, and low water are usually no problem for a person in a kayak, this allows you to reach areas that other folks simply cannot get to in traditional boats.

Recreational Kayaks


A recreational kayak is designed for casual use such as fishing, photography, or an easy paddle on a lake or flatwater stream. Recreational kayaks generally have larger cockpit openings for easy entry and exit and a wider beam for more stability on the water. Many are around twelve feet in length, which makes them slower than a longer boat, but also much lighter and easier to handle. Most recreational kayaks use less expensive materials like rotomolded polyethylene to help keep these boats inexpensive.