Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable Kayaks in Review

Previously meant for military and commercial operations, inflatable technology has found its way into the recreational industry, with the invention of inflatable kayaks. These watercrafts are long lasting, proficient, and high quality. This review provides details of top 5 inflatable kayaks you can choose to add fun to your water game.

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak

  • The Intex Explorer K2 is an inflatable kayak ideally designed for use by two people. Its best use is for recreational purposes on calm waters in dams or lakes. It is not ideal for the turbulent or high-moving waters. With this kayak, you should expect to have a great day in the waters with your family or friends. It has a sporty and streamlined design that makes it easy for you to paddle. Its color is yellow and makes it well visible while out in the waters. This inflatable kayak is great for touring lakes and non-turbulent rivers together with a friend or a family member.

Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Sports Kayak Deluxe Package

The Sea eagle SE370 inflatable kayak is an ideal watercraft for various aqua activities. It is lightweight and portable, stable and durable when compared to other inflatable kayaks for sale. Once deflated, the kayak can fit into the smallest car trunk so it’s a very convenient purchase. This kayak is designed for two adults, although it can comfortably accommodate three. This Sea Eagle kayak offers great fun for both beginners and experienced paddlers and is constructed with a tough, rugged Polykrylar hull that can withstand dog claws and paws, making it suitable if you carry your best friend when you take your kayak out to explore.

Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Kayak

There is no fulfillment in the life of a human being without sharing. This kayak is designed to include several people in it, and thus it may be ideal for you if you are the kind that loves company. Its main aim is to change the way people go kayaking in groups. It can carry a maximum of three people at most. The Sevylor Big Basin inflatable kayak is a great option for group kayaking, mostly considering that it is very affordable and performs perfectly.

Aquaglide Rogue XP Two Inflatable Kayak-Blue/White

This inflatable kayak is ideal for fishing or just for recreational activities. It offers a great sit-on-top utility. It also has a wide stable outline and an open stern that allows you to easily re-board from the water with its open cockpit, allowing you to drain it easily. This Rogue XP Two Inflatable kayak is a great kayak for sale that will give you value for money, if you are looking for a recreational kayak that sits on top.

K0 Inflatable Kayak for 2 People

      • This kayak is made ideally to suit recreational purposes; for those who want to get into kayak exploring, its ease of use will help quickly hone your kayaking skills. It has been designed to easily move on the surface of a lake, dam, or other flat-water bodies for several hours of padding and exploring. This inflatable kayak is also super tough and made for heavy duty sea touring. For stability, this inflatable kayak for sale has a water splashguard that extends and also a keel that is inflatable.