Perception Kayak Carolina


The perception Kayak Carolina is a sit-in kayak designed for a beginner or an intermediate paddler. This kayak gives you comfort and stability, and it can easily help you explore the whole day on a wide range of waterways. It is one of the best touring kayaks due to its comfort and versatility. If you are an experienced paddler, then you will appreciate its speed and agility.

The vessel is 14-foot long, as this enables it to add speed, be stable and also to enable you to hold more gear when you are exploring quiet coastal and inland waterways. It will be possible for you to spend the whole day and night since it has a comfortable and deluxe comfort seat adjustable at six levels.

Looking for a kayak in USA? This kayak is hand-assembled, making it a best-fit adventure kayak. It has received positive online reviews on Amazon. 

Product Features

  • V-shaped hull with soft chines combines stability and speed
  • Spacious easy-entry cockpit is spray skirt compatible for added dryness
  • Adjustable Zone DLX seat with extra-cushy ergonomic padding
  • Seat adjusts forwards, backwards, up, and down
  • Quick-adjust footrests accommodate paddlers of all sizes
  • Leg padding along cockpit edge for comfort and support
  • Front and rear dry storage with easy-on/off sealed covers
  • Bungee cord lashes throughout deck secure gear within easy reach
  • Rudder-capable to help steer the boat in winds or currents (rudder sold separately)
  • Front and rear soft-touch comfort carry handles for easy transport

Customer Reviews and Scores


This recreational kayak has a five star rating.


  • Great for day and weekend trips
  • Delivers exceptional acceleration, speed, and stability.
  • It is fun to paddle, is easy to load, and has lots of dry storage, making it an incredibly versatile boat.
  • It is designed for kayaking even during night time
  • It has a one year warranty


  • Does not come with a paddle included.